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Subject ELEnin and Nibiru: Code Cracked? - My Theory... Been Researching For Months... You've Never read this before!
Poster Handle Practically ET
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After reading that 90 page report on Elenin and Nibiru and listening to a ton of other sources... I believe I have actually cracked the Elenin and Nibiru code.

Ladies and gentlemen, grab a beer or a coffee, because you're in for an interesting ride.

- - -

First we must dive deeper into the real science behind the universe... There are some people that think Gravity and Magnetism are one in the same force...
As shown by [link to hubpages.com]

And if you look at the comments, Michio Kaku even claims that he can't disprove her statement. In fact, she told Michio to "ask for a refund on your million dollar education".

So lets say Tyche / Nibiru is similar to a large magnet, and all the planets in our solar system are smaller magnets. Based on this principle, a planet could be extremely close to us without "perturbing" the inner planets, because Gravity is essentially non existent. To take it even further, Mass would not directly affect Gravity as it does in our current understanding of physics.

Therefore, instead of "perturbing" the planets, this giant magnet would 'tilt' the planets as if to repel and attract the poles. Using this theory, we could explain why Uranus is tilted, along with several other solar system anomalies seen over the years.

Of course, when performing orbital simulations, the software is taking into account both gravity and magnetism as separate forces which is why you see such drastic perturbations.

Now, remember that thread "Elenin is moving at a planetary speed"?

Well, that's really important because my theory is that Elenin is Nibiru's "Pluto" if you will. It's the first thing that a solar system comes in contact with before the actual planet arrives.

Elenin is 'leading' Nibiru on it's journey throughout the Galaxy (I should explain, Nibiru in theory is a 'planetary vessel' with no set orbit... You may relate better to the wording 'death star' or 'battle ship/planet') announcing the arrival of the grand planet.

This would explain why Elenin is moving at a planetary speed, because it is in direct contact with a planet body behind it, Similar to how the Sun travels through the Galaxy... If we were entering another solar system, Pluto would be the first to enter.

Now, My theory is that Elenin is actually not a comet... So then we have a few options for what it can be.

My first thought for Elenin is a dwarf planet with a small mass similar to Pluto... But larger than a comet.

The second option is that Elenin is a 'energy messenger' traveling in the form of a comet. More or less, if we can receive the message, Elenin is going to 'announce' the arrival of Nibiru for all those that know how to decipher the message.

One way or another... We're in for an interesting ride!!!

(Thanks to ST in BG & associates for some information in this thread)
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