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Message Subject ELEnin and Nibiru: Code Cracked? - My Theory... Been Researching For Months... You've Never read this before!
Poster Handle Practically ET
Post Content
You sound like Hoagland
 Quoting: Intruth

I challenge anyone to debunk the theory I have presented... Seeing Michio Kaku not able to debunk that magnetism Is gravity made me realize a lot of things.
 Quoting: Practically ET

Looks like you need to realize a whole lot more!
 Quoting: DaNose

What are you saying I need to realize, I have already accepted the fact that physics as we know it today is for the most part wrong. I have researched the facts to prove this is the case.

I am basing my theory on the fact that Magnetism is indeed Gravity, they are one in the same force.

Maybe it's you need to realize a whole lot more?
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