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Message Subject ELEnin and Nibiru: Code Cracked? - My Theory... Been Researching For Months... You've Never read this before!
Poster Handle Practically ET
Post Content
Nibiru can alter course at any moment, that's why TPTB have such a hard time tracking it and preparing to move to the bunkers.

Even the "Doctor" that spotted the dark object behind Elenin noted that it stops and then starts moving again.

Nibiru is of intelligent design and intelligent control, meaning that it can appear instantly without warning.

There really is no way to tell when it will make it's approach... Theoretically speaking, the final decision is up to the ruler of the planet, Lord Anu... If you believe that Nibiru is indeed inhabited by the Annunaki.
 Quoting: Practically ET

Technically, now that you’ve invoked magic, your theory is safe from debunking.
 Quoting: Setheory 869850

"Magic" as the Human race understands it is simply a poor understanding of Physics and the universe.

You've heard this before right?

"Any advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C. Clarke
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