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Subject I have a question about nibiru/Elenin theories.
Poster Handle Apotheosis
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First let me state that I haven't decided what I believe yet but I do believe something is going wrong and the earths weather anomalies and disasters have been proving it. I also believe that the Nibiru/Elenin theories carry some weight. But I'm still on the fence.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way...the question.

If the scribd files were accurate and there is a solar system moving in to ours, and they have tilted saturn/uranus etc. why has the 1999 RQ176 (an asteroid) that was right in the vicinity of Elenin, approximately 225,830 km from it, not been pulled in by the magnetic pull of Elenin/Nibiru magnetosphere? It is very small. If the solar system was based on gravity or magnetism this would be plausible if the theories were true. So again, I'm not debunking, I just want to state it to see if anybody can make sense of it.
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