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Message Subject Little Girl Takes Out CIA Mind Control Satellite While Trying To Make Her A Slave
Poster Handle Kayli Lark
Post Content
They tried to make her a slave, it didn't work. Who ever says the trigger word is the controller, she began saying her own word. They would send a mind controlled victim to her to get information,she would give the victim a new trigger word, and send them back. They would torture her, she would laugh. After this, they thought she would be a good CIA Agent. So the CIA handler starts training her in hand to combat, he starts getting his ass kicked. So they think she might be more useful in the super soldier program. They start training her. But something goes wrong again, While trying to the most powerful mind control techniques available, to control her, by a chip in her brain through a satellite, she takes the satellite out. When they investigate, the insides are all broken up, but was still in orbit around Earth. In fear of not being able to control her, and getting their brains blown up inside their own heads, Her handler was told by his boss to "let it go" after taking out their mind control satellite. They told her she was one of kind, popcornand a threat to the government, and they don't know what to do. Any Questions?
Ill try to answer ones that I can.
 Quoting: anobodynothing 1489488

The hand to hand combat is a metaphor. For 'jedi tricks'.
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