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Message Subject Little Girl Takes Out CIA Mind Control Satellite While Trying To Make Her A Slave
Poster Handle Kayli Lark
Post Content
so she is a crystal child

one of many through out the planet

will be able to transit to 4-d and 5-d without any problems

while the 3-d idiots will have a hard time

since she is operating in a higher frequency she can manipulate the 3-d, hence, the ability to take down the satellite with her thoughts

these people exist and are coveted by secret societies as new initiates into their organizations

if enough of them turn to the dark side, there will be hell on earth

thankfully many of them are refusing and going rogue against the system

they need to avoid heavy metals such as fluoride and the recent radioactive particles unleash into the atmosphere

they are humanity's last hope
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1522949

I believe this to be very true as well. She was put in the desert with other children, to test and demonstrate their ability's. One child could morph to a bipedal lizard with a tail. I assume a human, "lizard" hybrid.
 Quoting: anobodynothing

The lizard was from 'holes' . Zero was from the desert. The yellow spotted lizard that became the little girl's friend was named 'yellie'. They conditioned her in elementary school to like reptile with an extracurricular called 'reptiles and amphibians'.
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