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Message Subject Little Girl Takes Out CIA Mind Control Satellite While Trying To Make Her A Slave
Poster Handle ScoutsOUT
Post Content
I'm not that well, but that's okay. I have a place where it is safe to be crazy.
 Quoting: Kayli Lark

I have stalkers, I can't even be crazy here.
 Quoting: ScoutsOUT

Do you write scripts?
 Quoting: MyNameIsRickMoranis

As I was trying to drift off to sleep, your question struck me in a different way.

Yes, I do write scripts. In a way, we all do. Are they on paper? No. I'm actively living out my script, and it seems that I have the ability to modify it when it needs to be.

Some people have no say in the script they are assigned, or at least, they believe they don't.

Back to Kayli. Whoever is messing with you likely does it because you are an existential threat to their agenda. They don't target those who are weak, and they don't go after those who are strong (although I believe you are strong.)

They go after those who are strong but haven't realized their strength. I may be wrong, I may be writing about myself, but I believe we all come from the same source, and our experiences can be shared on many levels.

Once you assume your throne, if you will, they will be defeated. Hence the big push to keep you down.

Good night. I hope I'm not harming you with my input.
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