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Message Subject Little Girl Takes Out CIA Mind Control Satellite While Trying To Make Her A Slave
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You are wrong, there is shooting pain inside my damn skull.
 Quoting: Kayli Lark

The path they wish for you to take is to start to believe that it is a "medical" condition causing the pain
needing "treatment".

This along with everything else you have said clearly means that "they", the dumb dark forces, which are trying to neutralize
and zombify all beings showing any signs of awareness or particular abilities that threaten their control, have targeted you (no shit)
and sounds like you are being microwaved by various "stealth" methods. For any that don't know - The pains can vary from shooting pains to migraine-like symptoms to
just a general dull ache as if you have a tumor or something. They target other organs too. The heart attack symptoms can be alarming to a novice but if one knows the actual cause of it
is externally directed at you and not internal, and one uses willpower to block it and calm the mind, it can be rapidly blocked/dissipated. The body/brain is only responding to that signal that is being directed
at it and is telling it to go into the mechanical stages of a seizure/attack. They target the nerve centers and weak spots like the typical low-life terrorist scum they are.

Some immediate signs of a localized and sudden microwave attack are the urgent need to go to the bathroom as it affects your nervous system. Feels a bit like poisoned food.
Radiation sickness can also come on slower and then build up - look for blackening around the eyes as if sleep deprived.
Microwaving also caused sleep deprivation -body wakes up constantly and feels jittery or there are actual muscle spasms especially legs, but situation dependent.
Some people can hear the microwave e.m. frequency sounds resonating in their heads/skulls (not ears), with pitch modulations and a sound combining
multiple frequencies within a white noise stew of varying intensity. A classic indication that one is being targeted.
Often confused by new-agers as being ascension symptoms or incoming good energy. It feels very different once you have felt both
and see what it does to your mental and physical health and well-being.

You mentioned some time back that you slept for the whole week-end and woke up unaware of the fact - another indication
you are being drugged, but also microwave and frequency/electromagnetic attacks can mimic the effects of drugs, and can cause the brain to go into sleep mode or one to become unconscious.

They are essentially trying to make the target go insane or through multiple trauma incidents, induce
a split or dissassociated personality similar to MK Ultra but can be done without physically placing you in a hospital/ward/cell environment.
Essentially your home or room becomes the torture chamber and you end up paying for the room/home, but become unable to function externally
socially/pay bills/work etc. Then one can start to believe that no-one likes them and they feel isolated and entirely alone in the world.
This is a human problem anyway besides a situation being induced in an otherwise healthy, vibrant and attractive being by the enemies of mankind.

I have seen all these things up close and personal. I know their ways inside and out. The ways to stop "them" and to counter the attacks
are varied, but the basics are that YOU as a SOUL Powered Being, are way more powerful than them or any of their stupid technology as much as it hurts at times.
Over time you can learn to deal with this very rapidly and effectively.
You must surely know this, but they want you to forget.

Forgetting is another thing - they constantly bombard your brain with microwave/frequency/electro-magnetic weapons in order to cause a number of desired outcomes (for them).
Fast-acting cancers can be triggered just as they can be cured with similar technology.
As you function within an electomagnetic shell - as a water-based humanoid, and are a walking receptor/receiver (and transmitter). whether you have had technology knowingly placed within your body/skull or not,
it is there from the chemtrail seeding already and other obvious seeding methods.
It doesn't always work on the stronger, resistant, more "gifted" individuals, so those ones are driven to a situation where they are admitted to a hospital
or a doctor takes control of the situation and the vicious cycle of drugging and attempting to render the target impotent and lifeless begins.

The drugs and the technology that is blasting everyone's brains can make you feel suicidal, lifeless, hopeless and every dark, worthless
wretched symptom imaginable. That immediately neutralizes you and screws up your neural networks and "fighting spirit".
If the frequency/microwave/e.m. machines that have enveloped the earth as part of their final control plan to try and stop anyone leaving this dark farm forever,
.. if these machines/technology .. - because that is all it is - it has no real power - , .. were suddenly turned off (destroyed), you would feel an immediate relief of multiple nasty symptoms you didn't even realize
were there, you had become so numb and dumb, and once more you would be able to THINK and FEEL
AGAIN. (within this contained structure - full conscious return being a further goal but baby steps for now for most)

I know specific cases where they have used this tech to "wipe" memories from people, to the point where they seemed like different people, and
in some cases would be diagnosed as having alzheimers, dementia, or some form of mental impairment giving
the same dark hands behind the resultant symptoms an excuse to declare the right to "handle" the person "medically/scientifically" - like a lab rat -
in other words: imprison and keep under lock-down control with false laws negating human rights of any kind.
Drugs as a control form alongside technology help keep them "above the law" in their twisted minds, and make them feel godlike and invincible.

That is why this fukced up world and the "controllers" behind it need a massive cosmic enema, not the poor trapped and tortured prisoners held captive within.

Advice to stop these attacks and the pain is very complicated (of course duh). First - as basic as it seems - ask for God's help (and repeat it as often as you need) as well as calling on any Spiritual Guardians,
but try and steer clear of religious and ritual devices as taught to the maSSes, religious names and connotations, names prescribed by the old drakonian powers which can call on the wrong sort of help and further entrap. Call on your higher self.

All this tech and electromagnetic fencing around us is to try and block communication with GOD and indeed our own Actual Source - Higher Self point of emanation.
Similar to firewalls and devices set up on multiple interlinking internet servers and networks masking the END-POINT or START - SOURCE.
They are in place to stop the s.o.s. signals getting out, and stop the messages getting in, from our own SELVES and other loved ones, and enable the controlling forces to insert their own messages and chanellings and
voice of "god" into the mix. All the digital broadcast technology and the HAARP radar arrays and e.m. weapons - CERN (multiple bases and links worldwide not just the Geneva "office") are there to enable all of this - to block and trap consciousness within this realm and harness the energy of the Emanating Source.

You probably know all this or have your own version - that's fine but maybe there is one other, or one thing of interest to another.

For you personally K (D) - you must have other extended family somewhere surely.
You mentioned your Mom - but what about Dad - if he had a similar background surely he would understand.
Or is he part of the problem. What about uncles/aunts/siblings - another country.
Anything to remove you from a static situation where you are being relentlessly targeted and imprisoned.
If you have head pain that is not good, but at least it is a warning that where you are is not safe.
If you persist in posting on forums such as these and use devices such as mobiles and social media and all the other associated bullshit, then obviously
you can be tracked and targeted. That is up to the individual to decide how far away they need to get from the attacks and also how far they can afford to remove
themselves from society and friends/family etc. because that is what eventually happens and is a very tough call to make.

Or you can remove yourself from the most basic situations that make you an easy target or allow them access to yourself on a routine basis -
such as doctors/hospitals/psychologists - all as evil as all fukc - and a major tool in the draks toolbag. You seem to have been entrapped into the situation and mind controlled into believing they are a part
of your support system - they are not -they are part of your captors/assault team. Forgive me if this is painfully apparent to you as it probably is. Again if they have diagnosed you with some or other bullshit and then given you medications which then enhance and cause a persistence
of symptoms that "only they" can treat (a persistence of 'time' - fruit-loops (with artificial fruit to boot and reboot ala 'eve' and the eve/dawn of mankind.)
..and your so-called close family have agreed to this for "your own good", then it requires another localized strong adult or even "alien" intervention because you have effectively been neutered from speaking for yourself as a human being.

There must be someone physically close that can help - not to become another handler or fake boyfriend/girlfriend just to keep you on their old track,
but someone that will help with no strings attached and provides the space and the peace which re-enables your Soul to reconnect and remember itself in the reflected pool.
It means stopping all those things that have become habitual and routine and stepping out of the false comfort zone,
but please, not ending up homeless or on the streets - that would be a very bad thing to allow in your state.
Many of the folk on these sites have been driven in that direction for obvious reasons.

There is always someone that cares about you more than you could ever believe, know or understand.
Know This. That Is All To Know.

This process requires way more than internet advice and help. The metaphysical and Spiritual side of things is already in process -
always has been, maybe before you even realized, but the very real feeling physical side of things needs some tricky navigation
and intervention - considering that there are opposing forces in play already in place around you.
Yeah I know words are cheap and this comes across as a whole lot of waffle .. but what else to do here eh.

The other option, which I would not recommend to just anyone, especially if they are in a very worn-down and anxious state -
but sometimes 'need' over-rides all else -
that option is to work on centering your Chi-energy or Life-Force Energy - whatever name you want to call it -
Soul Power even .. - the sort of thing that gives the dark cockroaches endless nightmares and which is actually their final
judge and jury and executioner in one.

Center that energy which many of the youngest have in abundance (hence the drugs and bad food and digital distractions they are fed)
....and imagine that force striking out - moving out from the center-point like a supernova - and hitting back at the force you are feeling bearing down upon you.
If you have pains in your body or for ex. in your head - move the force as if a ball of light to the center of the disturbance and then explode/release it outward.
Imagine returning the attack to the sender - even verbalize it in your mind. "Return To Sender". Imagine God helping yo at the same time in tandem -right beside you.
The Harmonic Forces of All that makes up this ball of wax will respond as if IT IS right there beside you.
I am not talking about simple "magic", be it black or white - I am talking about Soul Intent - EXpressed
Sovereign Soul Expression of Power And Will.
Willpower Expressed Intentionally.
Symbolize it according to own internal wiring and translation - The Intent is the Key that can't be falsified or manufactured.

"They" would be wiped out in a blink of an eye if this was applied and understood by the combined Soul Consciousness
trapped within this dark cube of shyte.
They know that very well. hence the absolute fear and the desperate need to control something that was never really control-able.

Take from that what you wish, or nothing at all, but remember that the Mind is beyond the body - it is not the brain - and can therefore never be harnessed or controlled
by others or stupid technology (only temporarily contained within the time construct magnetically chained)

Okay that's it for now - a wall of text to annoy and to vex the hex.
Maybe these type of threads are here to goad me into posting so that I may be ensnared in another dark trap by the clowns that be
or some more pointless but pointedly pointed arrows of ill-will and "death" may be sent my way .. blah .. (you know how it goes)
Butt - hey, what the fcuk - sometimes it is necessary for me to do so as it is for all of us.

If it connects/re-connects or SPARX just 1 other into taking back their Sovereign Soul Power, then it is enough and good enough for me.
Screw the rest with the intent of the best.

Take care - out there - in here - everywhere - Beautiful Being - Being As Intended

I Will Be Around (like it or not)

My Eternal Love.

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