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Message Subject Little Girl Takes Out CIA Mind Control Satellite While Trying To Make Her A Slave
Poster Handle Kayli Lark
Post Content
There is some reference to dolphins in the super solider program as well, but I'm still trying understand this part of it, so there isn't much I can say about that for now. Aaron McCollum, in Project Camelot interviews could explain this subject in more detail.
 Quoting: anobodynothing

That's because the Bay Laurel Dolphins programmed her in childhood. Island of the Blue Dolphins was very traumatic. It's a book. The Dolphins are not mean programmers though. Elementary school was nice.
 Quoting: Kayli Lark

Weirdly, I just found this book on the list of programming scripts from a site about monarch programming.


This is a child s book by Scott O Dell. The people of an island have both an everyday name and a magical name. When the chief gives his magical name to a Russian captain named Orlov, he and his warriors end up being killed in battle. The alters of Monarch slaves have names they can give outsiders and then their access code names which must be kept secret. Part of the story is to stay in line with what one s ancestors have done. Other items in the book, such as the four winds from the four directions fit in with programming too. The book is just one of many that the programmers want the children to hear so that they naturally adopt the correct programming scripts.
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