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Speaker for the dead.
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07/31/2011 06:29 PM
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I wrote this and wasn't sure where it belonged so I am sharing it with you at GLP.


Eulogy for the Human Race.

Dear distant cousins in this galactic plane in our small corner of the Universe. If you are reading this, it means our species has gone extinct. Please do not be alarmed, it is no surprise to any of us. As at every step along our evolutionary path we have struggled to keep from destroying ourselves.

No doubt some type of catastrophe has befallen us. Take your pick, nuclear war, biological warfare, maybe even chemical. Starvation, overpopulation, or we may have just killed each other one by one in a non-stop cage match battle to the last human. And then that guy probably fell off a cliff.

Please do not think that this could not happen to you. As you have no doubt explored our planet and found this dedication to our now extinct race. We also explored distant planets, with machines, within our own solar system. That didn't stop us from killing ourselves.

If there is one thing you can take away from the human race, may it be these words of wisdom.

Unless you can get over your differences, you will destroy yourselves.