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Message Subject Empaths: Are you more sensitive lately?
Poster Handle Woodsprite
Post Content
Definitely more sensitive, to a debilitating fault. We recently discovered that we have a small mouse issue in the basement, and my husband sealed up any holes in the foundation to prevent them getting in. However, it also prevented them from getting out of the walls, and the other night a couple of days after he did it, I was sitting outside on the patio and I could hear scrabbling. A terrible, frantic scritching noise all around. The little things were desperately trying to get out but were trapped. I was devastated. Just sat there crying as I listened. Two days later we found a baby mouse alone on the patio, dying, probably trying to find his mother. I imagine she was one of the ones trapped. I kept it sheltered in our wheelbarrow and tried to nurse it back to health for twenty four hours, checking on it, attempting to feed it, but yesterday morning when I tried to give it water in a dropper, it died right in front of me and I bawled like a baby for ten minutes. It's in a box outside right now waiting to be buried.

I feel awful lately, like all the pains of the world are smashing me to bits and tearing me apart. I was thinking about this yesterday and looking online for some kind of information on it. Funny you posted this thread.

I also agree with the poster who said that she is feeling under attack by negative aggressive people more lately. This is spot on for me as well. And it's making me feel even worse. I've never seen women in any kind of aggressive altercation between women, not once, but in the past two weeks I've had to step in between two separate incidents, one at Dunkin Donuts, over a parking space, and another the other night at the grocery store, when a young women went crazy on the old woman who accidentally tapped her bumper. People seem to be going insane all around me. I have no idea what is going on.
 Quoting: vienrose

Bless your heart....hf
I've become the same way with the animals.
Sometimes, I can hear them talking in my head..telling me what they need, or want.( LOL, yesterday I got upset with the dog...because he didn't believe me when I told him that he got the same stuff I'd put outside for the raccoons..had to go 'see for himself'..like he was calling me a liar!)
It's gotten to the point that me and the Raccoons around here are very much 'in synch'.
I know when they are heading here to eat, and I just go get the food and put it out there...and not 30 seconds later, there they are, munching.
I think this is a very positive thing...even when it makes us uncomfortable.
If we can hear/feel what the animals are ...then we can speak for those that have no voice...;D

Looks to me, like the anger you experienced wasn't directed at you...you just happened to be there..possibly to help 'bring balance' to the situation?
Unfortunatly, I think we are all going to be seeing that type of thing happening around us.
All we can do, is try to help when we can...and walk away when we can't.hf
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