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Message Subject Empaths: Are you more sensitive lately?
Poster Handle Woodsprite
Post Content

they do deep down, they may be in denial but part of them definitely feels sorry. some are so sick that they may feel pleasure in seeing you cry. if you remain happy the denial will be harder to maintain and it will help them face their true feelings. maybe you should take a course in 'harden the fk up' ;)

the ego has no control over energy shielding, this is all regulated by spirit. if spirit wanted one of these people not to feel your energy it would make it so

they are seeking healing and you are helping them no matter what you do. the results will be more apparent if you talk to them and remain positive. words can mean anything or nothing, it's up to you!
 Quoting: xen

Good insight here. I flip between both sides of the spectrum for some reason. Sometimes I can be cruel (not intentional, more of a reaction to certain people and emotions) and other times I can be incredibly sensitive, but it may just be my mood/pain level influencing all this. When I'm feeling good, then nothing or nobody seems to bother me, but when I'm feeling shit, well shit spreads I guess. It's a tough thing, and I usually avoid people altogether in those moments, but unfortunately the only thing that seems to cure those moments is a dose of love from another. We need each other to heal.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1469823

The only thing I'd like to add...is sometimes an act of LOVE is not always pleasent for the other person.
I agree, there are many people that will initially act negatively to us...but I've also found, that sometimes it takes someone being brutally honest with them about their negative actions...before they will feel any of the things Xen has said.
Many do not realize what is happening to them....and if you try and speak calmly with them, they won't listen. Sometimes we have to 'get our dander up', to be able to accomplish the ultimate goal, of redirecting their thoughts to a more loving place.
I believe you are right about how many of us are 'Bi Polar'...sort of a 'neccessity' for us, isn't it?...:)
Can't be a good 'generator', if you are only operating with 1 terminal...;D
 Quoting: Woodsprite

for sure, was more of a generalisation for strangers or people we aren't very close to. if you are very close to someone they can treat you like shit and no amount of love will ever change that. they need a 'rude awakening' and even then it may only be short lived. if someone has too many issues it's almost a form of self-mutilation even though they are doing it to someone else. "if you see yourself in others then whom can you injure" unfortunately this also applies to the opposite end of the spectrum

all energies in the emotional energy spectrum have a polar opposite so like you said, if you only operate on one end then you are practically useless if your purpose is to unite both ends and transmute :)
 Quoting: xen

I've had to be this way with strangers in public before.
People being rude to others, ect.
It's amazing what a dose of TRUTH does to give them an attitude adjustment.
Sometimes others are intimidated into not speaking up, and saying 'Hey! You really are acting like a jerk. What's your problem?!'
A lot of people think it's alright to mistreat strangers, because they do not 'know them'.
LOL..takes a stranger to call them out on it, before they realize what they are doing, and how the people they don't know, are negatively affected, just like their loved ones would be by such actions.hf
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