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Message Subject Empaths: Are you more sensitive lately?
Poster Handle xen
Post Content
It does not leave me with so much a feeling of insult, as a feeling of "WOW!, where did that come from?". Kinda feel like I have a bullseye painted on me & dark energies are trying to nibble away. I have always been able to sense if a person's essence is dark & it is those people who seem to be emerging from the woodwork as of late. I am very quiet & tend to my own business, so it is not that I am an obvious target -- or at least I thought not.
 Quoting: Jane Smith

you're a street light that attracts the moths :)

reminds me of a quote from the great sage of tpb (jim lahey)

Shit moths. You see, they started off as tiny shit larva, Randy. Then they grew into shitapillers, a pandemic of shitapillers Randy, everywhere you look Randy – shitapillers. They almost drove me over the goddamn edge boy. I tried to exterminate them, I tried to put an end to the shitapiller’s life cycle…but I failed. And now…shit moths Randy, every-fuckin’- one of them.”

might as well embrace them for they are our brothers and sisters...!
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