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Message Subject Empaths: Are you more sensitive lately?
Poster Handle xen
Post Content
I've had to be this way with strangers in public before.
People being rude to others, ect.
It's amazing what a dose of TRUTH does to give them an attitude adjustment.
Sometimes others are intimidated into not speaking up, and saying 'Hey! You really are acting like a jerk. What's your problem?!'
A lot of people think it's alright to mistreat strangers, because they do not 'know them'.
LOL..takes a stranger to call them out on it, before they realize what they are doing, and how the people they don't know, are negatively affected, just like their loved ones would be by such actions.hf
 Quoting: Woodsprite

sometimes it's not the darkness, just a simple case of being a rude arrogant asshole (no excuses). it's great when someone stands up and puts them back in their place.
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