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Message Subject Empaths: Are you more sensitive lately?
Poster Handle danmas
Post Content
"I guess it's possible my spirit is subconsciously trying to heal these individuals."

Let your light shine and your spirit might automatically heal those around you, from emotions, to physical healing.

This is why I have to wonder about those in this thread saying they attract negativity to them. Perhaps they are not radiating enough love and power. Supposedly birds of a feather. Therefore, be a beacon that will dissolve their negativity and practice surrendering that darkness. Eventually your own light will shine so bright that the darkness will not exist in your midst(possibly).

Maybe although you are sensitive, people interpret this as weakness, so maybe try radiating power as well as sensitivity so that others do not consider you a victim. Also, beasts aggression is often triggered by fear. Also, anger can be exacerbated by fear, something else to be wary of.

Although you may be sensitive, you are also fully capable of controlling your own mind an experience. A nice balance between surrender and deliberate living.
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