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Denial will continue to cause U.S.complete downfall

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1485895
08/02/2011 09:06 AM
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Denial will continue to cause U.S.complete downfall
Case YCO30202 Galdi vs. Megdal, Bright Now! Dental Clinics, Phillip Megdal, Jordan Moss, Katrina Mejia-Blom, Dale Blom

Open to Public for review
825 Maple Ave, Torrance, CA
Torrance Court House
Clerks Office: Copy Request310-222-3552 310-222-8836 Torrance,CA
213-974-1311 Los Angeles County, CA
213-974-5155 Dept.59

Motion pending:
Victims Impact Statement
All cases Motioned for hearing 2012

Presidential Pardon submitted 12/2008,12/2010 12/2012 and will be every two years until cases are acknowledged. Denial will continue to cause U.S.complete downfall. (Submission is only made for awareness, there is no Presidency, all is controlled by what the Defendants represent.