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QE3 and your last chance to stock up on life supplies...

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 395654
United States
08/05/2011 01:29 PM
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QE3 and your last chance to stock up on life supplies...
Their will be no QE4...the dollar will collaspe and be devalued...all planned out to bring in the next system

With QE2 scheduled to wind down this summer and millions of American voters still unemployed, it was clear that the Fed was itching to keep the monetary spigot open. But how would that be possible with oil, food, and precious metals at or near historic highs and the dollar at multi-year lows? Clearly, something would have to happen to justify QE3.

Now we know what. On April 27 the Fed confirms that QE2 will end pretty soon, and one week later a slew of bad economic numbers just happen to hit the headlines. First-time jobless claims, productivity, consumer confidence all suddenly appear to contradict the idea that a sustainable recovery is underway. Stocks tank, oil falls, and gold and silver retrace their post-Bernanke press conference parabolic spikes. The economy is suddenly looking double-dipish.

This might be pure coincidence, of course, but the timing is definitely propitious for a government that 1) knows it has to inflate away the dollar if itís to have any hope of maintaining its global military empire and cradle-to-grave welfare system, and 2) has an election coming up in which a roaring 2012 economy is crucial

[link to dollarcollapse.com]