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United States
09/20/2005 08:09 PM
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"NATO began its mission to airlift aid to the United States on Sunday, sending a cargo plane to the Czech Republic to load up with blankets, camp beds and tents bound for the stricken Gulf Coast."

"The converted Boeing 707 was expected to fly the Czech supplies to Little Rock, Arkansas, on Monday," September 12, 2005, "in the first such flight since the 26 NATO allies agreed Friday," September 9, 2005, "to mobilize planes and ships to rush aid to regions hit by Hurricane Katrina."

"´The NATO alliance is ready to do its part in diminishing´ the suffering caused by the hurricane, said NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Schaeffer.

"De Hoop Schaeffer said the alliance will need at least two large transport ships from its elite NATO Response Force with a capacity to carry 600 military trucks."

The Boeing 707 is one of several "aircraft used to train crews for the alliance´s fleet of AWACS surveillance planes."

"Two ships from Denmark and Norway were due to load up with more heavy cargo for the United States under the command of the elite NATO Response Force."

"Once loaded, they are expected to take about 14 days to cross the Atlantic, said a statement last Saturday," September 10, 2005, "from NATO´s military command in southern Belgium. The ships can carry the equivalent of 600 large trucks."

"The United States first asked NATO for help on Sunday, September 4, 2005."

This was one day after President Bush unilaterally revoked the Posse Comitatus Act and sent active-duty regular Army troops from the 82nd Airborne Division and the 1st Cavalry Division into New Orleans.

But not everyone in the USA is enchanted with the idea of armed foreign troops patrolling American streets.

"This was predicted ten years ago by Mark Koernke (better known as short-wave radio talk show host Mark from Michigan--J.T.)," said "Patricia of the Militia," who added, "I´ll bet that´s why he´s still in jail. He knew too much about NATO´s long-term plans."

"So Poppy Junior is giving Texas back to Mexico, and Louisiana back to France," commented Jim Danvers, "Who do you suppose is going to get custody of Mississippi, Joe?"

"That´s an easy one--Israel," UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor replied, "Practically nobody in the USA has ever heard of Theodor Herzl or the book he wrote back in 1904 entitled The Jewish State. Herzl was a Jewish journalist from Vienna who covered the anti-Semitic uprisings in France in 1898 and the Captain Dreyfuss case during the same period. It was Herzl who fleshed out the ideas for a Jewish state in Palestine in his 1904 book. Herzl also thought his future state would need colonies, specifically ´farm colonies along the Mississippi River and the River Plate (Rio de la Plata in Argentina--J.T.).´ I´ve always wondered what the USA´s president at the time of the book´s publication, Teddy Roosevelt, would have thought about those ´farm colonies in Mississippi.´ But there´s no telling if T.R. ever read Herzl´s book."

"Of course, Mississippi just won´t be the same under Israeli rule. No more Confederate flags. No more pretty girls in Daisy Dukes. No more good old boys riding around in pickup trucks with a shotgun on the rack and a hound dog hanging out the side window. Just a whole lot of black-hat, weird-beard Hasidic Jews bowing their asses off. Kishke King replaces Burger King. Under enlightened Israeli rule, barbarian Mississippi will be raised upward, ever upward, until it looks just like the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn." (See the Ashland, Wis. Daily Press for September 11, 2005, "NATO begins mission to aid Katrina victims." Many thanks to Rick Halvorsen, Jim Danvers and others for this news story.)
anti zionist
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United States
09/20/2005 08:14 PM
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far-fetched, but horrifying idea. i wouldn´t put anything past the filthy zionists. the jews already are rubbing their hands together in glee, contemplating new orleans as a gambling mecca, but the good ol´ boys in miss. wouldn´t let them take over...be a lot of dead jews.
Anonymous Coward
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09/20/2005 08:16 PM
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Nagin´s plan to repopulate NO with Gaza settlers
Plurality  (OP)

User ID: 17639
United States
09/20/2005 08:17 PM
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so what’s the big deal about foreign troops on US soil???


Biloxi, Mississippi (population 50,644), once the unofficial capital of "the Redneck Riviera" and now largely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, has apparently become the first city in the USA to fall under occupation by the New World Order.

"The Marines have landed in Biloxi--the Mexican Marines. And Dutch Marines, as well."

"For the first time since the Nineteenth Century, Mexican troops landed Friday," September 9, 2005, "on U.S. soil, sent from the Mexican Navy ship ARM Papaloapan (Nahuatl for River of Butterflies--J.T.), anchored near the USS Bataan."

"Marines from Mexico, Holland (the Netherlands--J.T.) and the U.S. are part of an international Hurricane Katrina cleanup effort, building up on ships about 20 miles (32 kilometers) offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Four Canadian ships are on the way."

"´Our president (Vicente Fox--J.T.) called George Bush and three days later we came here,´ said Oscar Martinez Pretelin, a fleet or admiral rank officer aboard the Papaloapan, a 440-foot long U.S.-built troop landing ship."

"´We are honored to help the United States,´ Pretelin told press and television reporters Thursday," September 8, 2005, aboard the Mexican ship."

"About 75 Mexican Marines landed Thursday on the beach just east of Beau Rivage casino to begin cleaning up Biloxi, especially around schools and churches."

"Mexican Marine Mario T. Rodriguez said he left a small city in the far south of Mexico to volunteer for hurricane-relief duty. He said he has a three-month-old daughter with his wife at home."

"´I am happy. I am very happy. The U.S. is so rich, but even a rich country can need help,´ he said."

"The Mexican Marines will be aided by Spanish- speaking members of the Bataan´s crew as they work the devastated areas of Biloxi and Gulfport, said Journalism Chief Dave Fitz of the Bataan."

"For the first time in the history of the Mexican military, women have been assigned to a military mission,´ said Lt. Leonardo Tun Humbert of the Papaloapan."

"Three female physicians and two nurses from the Mexican Navy are aboard the ship waiting to be assigned to hurricane relief work."

"Lt. Ruben Pascual, 34, of Veracruz, Mexico, is a member of the Papaloapan´s medical staff who will begin working today in the hurricane devastated areas."

"´Our job is to give support to the people. We must support all the people who need medical help. We are proud to be of help,´ he said."

"Sgt. Carmen Rodriguez Cruz, a 26-year-old nurse from Veracruz, is part of the history-making contingent of female Mexican military."

"´We are trained, and we will help,´ Rodriguez said through an interpreter."

"The Dutch ship, the Van Amstel, is a heavily-armed frigate that was pulled off a drug patrol near Aruba after Katrina struck on August 29 (2005)."

"The Van Amstel´s Lt. Commander Henk Suurveld, the ship´s second-in-command, said his men will patrol the bay to make sure pleasure craft don´t interfere with military rescue operations."

"A contingent of about 70 Dutch Marines also landed on the beach in Biloxi Thursday to clean up neighborhoods."

"´The devastation is terrible. It is horrible. For us, job satisfaction is helping out in a situation like this,´ Suurveld said."

"A minor culture shock for members of the Mexican Navy was learning that the commander of the Bataan, Capt. Nora Tyson, was a woman. The Bataan is an 844-foot-long ship equipped with six helicopters that began rescue operations in New Orleans the day after Katrina struck."

"The ship was shifted to the Biloxi area on Thursday."

"´We were surprised to find a woman commanding a ship,´ said Pretelin, the Mexican Navy fleet officer. ´We found her very professional, very well-mannered.´"

"´It´s the same hard job for a woman as it is for a man,´ said Tyson, with a smile, during an interview in her ship´s headquarters."

"´I have a very good crew. They are dedicated,´ she said, ´And we´ll stay as long as we´re needed." (See the Biloxi, Miss. Sun-Herald for September 9, 2005, "Mexico, Holland send troops to Biloxi.")