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Message Subject Enlighten me...So many threads about Anunnaki, Nobody and "He", I have questions :)
Poster Handle Heretic_333
Post Content
This is only an Opinion due to the Earth Science's call for something not being true without terrestrial evidence.

We were created by Annunaki. But again "off the record" we agree the Annunaki really arent the bad guys.

The other service to self races "more widley knowned as black hole races) are here to exploit ours and our worlds energy.

Because they have failed to ascend at a stage in their empire, due to mistakes that are unknown. To that now they are called the fallen. Or. as i contend. The Fallen Angelics.

Their lives, their galaxies, are cut off from the eternal energy of the cosmos due to this fall from grace, now. losing all consciousness is inevitable, due to their actions, have cut off that energy supply.

So instead of burning themselves out of their quantum. they use vampire technology to postpone the inevitable. They as i contend, wish to pull our galaxy into theirs or something, basically, Its like drafting behind a semi on the highway. Their gonna run out of gas, but they persist to hunt and draft.

But thats as far as i want to go, off the record. My mission objective is for people to take notes on Lloyd's work. To one day win debates with whomever they please.

We will win folks.

You want to know more about "Those who from which Heaven to Earth came?"

This man is southern folk. He will be your guide to the secrets of our past.

ffw to about 1:05 to jump right into it. then rewatch it when you think its time.. Oh and he will say they created us a slaves.. but its much more divine than that.

wouldnt you allow youself to be created? to save a race in the tens of billions? to then one day ascend to higher consciousness, and commit the very same deeds of godhood in a very understood way of life in the universe?

Now A LightWorker? hfhfhf

There is never a 100% correct answer,

maybe you should look up "Oneness"

having an uncontrollable love for life, and how everything in the universe started from the same light and sound..

but to me...

Being a lightworker means you are at one with your environment, you meditate alot, and all you think about is unconditional love.
 Quoting: Heretic_333

Couldn't have said this better myself.

Another Goofy Thum is warranted. heh hehchuckle
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1497834

hey thanks man... My threads.. well a few of them anyway..

Thread: Holographic Projection of Consciousness:

Thread: "Everything you know is wrong" Genetic Engineering, Ancient/Futuristic/Megalithic Machines, Visitation, Proof & Reffs.
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