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Message Subject Enlighten me...So many threads about Anunnaki, Nobody and "He", I have questions :)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
And the correct spelling is GOD not gawd so your purposeful disrespect in that manner speaks volumes.
 Quoting: TrixieMama

When I say "gawd" I'm referring to the impostors in the buy-bull. Not a single one of them is the Divine Spiritual Creator, which we are all a part of. The Divine Spiritual Creator is energy and energy does NOT have a gender; does not have a fuckin penis. A "he/He" is masculine and has a penis. Sorry, that is NOT what I am a part of. Yes, you're right, I do have total disrespect for every single buy-bull gawd. They're the one's who fucked up our DNA so badly that scientists claim between 95-98 % is "Junk" DNA. It is NOT junk! If it will ever be returned to its original state, we too will be "higher than the god/s who created us" as Adam claims in the Apocalypse of Adam.

[link to www.gnosis.org]

"And we resembled the great eternal angels,FOR WE WERE HIGHER THAN THE god WHO HAD CREATED US and the powers with him, whom we did not know.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1375359

So basically your a Pagan/Gnostic?
 Quoting: TrixieMama

It's spelled "you're" by the way, and not "your." I am a spiritual being having a human experience, nothing more. I refuse to be "labeled!" This is who and what I am:

I am a part of the whole (Divine Creator), therefore, I am of equal quality and kind. The only possible difference there can be, is one of degree.
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