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Message Subject Enlighten me...So many threads about Anunnaki, Nobody and "He", I have questions :)
Poster Handle Sandi_T
Post Content
As a psych nurse with many years experience, I concur that anger is legitimate no matter what the root. Everyone has the right to experience anger. Where people run into problems is when anger persists for to long, over takes your life and turns into hate. Kubler Ross developed the 5 stages of grief and we all go through them at different paces and not everyone experiences all of them.

I am sorry for the anger you both have experienced. I wish the world could be more accepting and understanding so we could work through these things together. It's really quite sad when you think about it, especially when people fit into the A or B as you mentioned Sandi. :(
 Quoting: TrixieMama

I think that, if more of us could consistently remember that anger ALWAYS has its root in pain, we would all be better off.

Some days, I do better than others. sigh
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