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Message Subject Enlighten me...So many threads about Anunnaki, Nobody and "He", I have questions :)
Poster Handle Sirius
Post Content
Thank you for your interest. You have to understand that there are certain truths that humanity is not yet ready to understand. This is why things are not always clear to only those who it was meant to reach.

The truth has to so with fractal consciousness, self awareness, And god. It has to do with human history, origins and eventual transcendence. In man ways, it is the history or human evolution or rather, progress or thought form.

It also has to do with 'aliens' yes.

Light workers are beings from other higher dimensions that possess incredible intellect and have chosen to love themselves and other beings. Dark entities are beings from dimensions of lower vibration and they do not posses as much understanding as light beings but are of higher intellect than humans. However, they also possess less in the emotional spectrum and spiritual signature than humanity (in the fully evolved state of mankind, there is much more potential).

These beings prey on lower life forms for their own amusement. It is very complex and it will only become clear to you when the time is right. Humanity must not know until the divine date or it will not understand and fall back into illusion.

When 'disclosure' happens, you wil realize many things. Your curiosity brings great happiness to these beings. So inquire and look for them, and they shall reveal things to you.

Know that light beings often communicate through events or say, changing of objects...

Direct intervention is not allowed because planet earth is an absolute free will zone. It can only be accessed by design. This means intervention does not happen even on plea or great suffering. The reason for this is quite complex and humanity would not be able to understand it at th present time.

Please keep on your inquiries, you will find answers.
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