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Message Subject Enlighten me...So many threads about Anunnaki, Nobody and "He", I have questions :)
Poster Handle TrixieMama
Post Content
Trixie, you will find that we all go through man tribulations. Yes indeed wrote that. When I wrote it I was angry and wanted to leave my responsibilities. I myself am a being that is caught between the two. I am more light than dark and a the time, I inquired in the nature you saw there. In order to attain information

After all, my reasoning was, if the dark is of lower vibration...then they are re more likely to be impulsive and 'slip' up

Because again they are less 'perfect'

Any 'slip up' gives me more information. But I will be honest with you, I Ddis not want to suffer

I wanted to leave this planet and at the moment I didn't care about the harm it would cause.

However, my intention to help you at the current moment is truthful and everything I wrote.

You seem to be on a good path, so perhaps I really have nothing to teach you. And actually, you might teach me.
 Quoting: Sirius 1231711

LOL, you never know. I can teach you this though, we all go through difficult times. We all struggle, we all want peace in one form or another. Reaching for it form a dark side will only bring you more grief. Be careful when you seek darkness because it will find you. I am a Christian and have had my fair share of dealing with spiritual warfare. I am not perfect and have experienced trials that led me astray and can tell you when you seek darkness, it comes in every shape and form. When you seek light your light shines through for others to see. I am not a light worker, just a Christian who has faced trials and tribulations. Without God, I would have nothing. Everything I am and have is because I have sought Him.

Basically just remember, we all fall. We all beat ourselves up and want to take the easy road out of here but the easy road leads to darkness and distress. Whatever tribulations you are facing right now, have faith my friend. God hears your prayers and will carry you when you are weak. I am not trying to push my religion or beliefs of on you, I merely speaking from first hand experience dealing with evil, illness, disease and disappointment. Have faith my friend in something. If you can't find faith in God, find faith in something you can believe in because we all need faith in this troubled world. hf
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