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Message Subject Enlighten me...So many threads about Anunnaki, Nobody and "He", I have questions :)
Poster Handle Heretic_333
Post Content
Hhebonly reason I'm alive btw are the light beings.'they have intervened on my behalf more than once to save my ass

I owe them everything.

Oh and another thing

I believe earth is a Program of some kind. We cannot know it before the divine date (.when I will post it) because we need to evolvemvoth intellectually and spiritually to fully 'express' in the higher dimensions

Think of it as a procedure...for us to be 'receptive' and 'accept' information

We need to be 'cleansed' first...we are highly volatile because we have the negative spectrum and the positive.this means we need to be tuned correctly so we can grow 'later'

This is why releasing my proof at any earlier date would only culminate in disaster; we would not be able to cope and only create higher imperfection when we tried to cross over and evolve

We are 'weeding out' the weeds as it were on earth in each ofnournbeings

So we can then be hooked to this hyperspace consciousness expressway and we can 'share' and co create experiences 'completing' the universe b integrating the entire spectrum

This will then lead to the 'highest thought process' completing the universe and going back to zen by exploring all possibility in our universe

We are teaching them...see...and they are helping us grow so we can in turn, co create...it's all one conciousnes you see

The time is closing in they tell me. So once that happens humanity aol be ready and people like me will release the proofs...
Then th spiritual masters will reveal themselves, then the hidden technology at area 51

Etc etc

Its a process. Be patient. I sure as hell have to be I'm being attacked every day.
 Quoting: Si 1231711

you know of this process to be true, to which I also contend. but don't you believe you are posting "assumptions" that you havent really heard this before. sorry to criticize, but its wonderful to see lightworkers try to be indiana jones.

you want some indiana jonesies?

Chistopher Dunn - Pyramid Powerplant Theory
Lloyd Pye- Intervention Theory on Origins
Giorgio Tsoukalos- History Channel's Ancient Aliens
Rupert Sheldrake- Morphogenetic Feilds.
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