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Message Subject Enlighten me...So many threads about Anunnaki, Nobody and "He", I have questions :)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If you are curious, I am not one of these beings. But I have been contacted...and yes...this of which you read, is indeed very real.

It is just so vast...trust me...humanity is not yet ready. But it will happen sooner than you might expect.
 Quoting: Sirius 1231711

I don't doubt it is real my friend. I clearly remember a time when I believe I was likely contacted by *some* being not of this world. I do believe humanity as a whole is not ready however there are those that seek to learn and are ready to put the pieces together. Hopefully I will be considered a good gal when it all takes place :)
 Quoting: TrixieMama

Do not consider anything of yourself or your ego, but simply be. I say this with hesitation, I don't completely understand it all either - To simply 'be.' I suppose it's like the wind.

The 'good and evil' paradigm is meant more for an organized society rather than an individual methinks. How can you sum up an individual with those two ambiguous words? We often take different paths and make different choices, but what they are considered is in the eye of the beholder. Time often changes us, so in this life we are like the Earth - we change, adapt, and grow.

Life in itself is the truth. We embody it and become the truth when we realize our connection to it. We have to believe we are connected to the universe, to this planet, to every other living being upon the pale blue dot. It's a lot to take in; similarly the lone blood vessel in your body may never fully realize it is part of a master plan as it travels down the many branches in the tree of life.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1469823

Your last statement reminded me of this video by Louie Giglio - Laminin

It's amazing when you think about it, this little protein molecule is the building block that holds us together. It's meaning is amazing on SO many levels!!!!
 Quoting: TrixieMama

Cool, learn something new everyday. Thanks.
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