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Message Subject Enlighten me...So many threads about Anunnaki, Nobody and "He", I have questions :)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm a strong Christian and not trying to convert or change my belief system I am just interested in figuring out what it's all about because it seems to be everywhere these days. I am open to learning and exploring different viewpoints of course and realize that even Christianity has it's flaws to varying degree's. You are right, it is impossible to be right on all points with everything.

You are totally correct, each person does have to find their own truths about life and all things related. I think it's important though to be versed in other thought processes and understanding other peoples theories even though they may not be something I will follow.

It's all interesting on many levels and to be honest, I hadn't really spent much time on this until tonight when I got sucked into a thread with over a hundred pages and then something clicked and I found myself relating that thread to another totally different thread. LOL.

Thank you for your post and insight my friend hf
 Quoting: TrixieMama

If you don't want to shatter your own faith, then stop digging.

Like others have indicated, if someone told you the truth you would not be capable of believing it. The reason is that the truth is at odds with your core belief system.

Do not underestimate how important your belief system is to your ego and your will to survive.

For folks who have unwittingly consumed the blue pill their entire life, the red pill is very dangerous.

To illustrate this point, do you honestly think you could handle the truth should it prove that 99% of everything that you were ever taught about history and religion was a lie?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1487326

I second this AC's warning. To know the truth, you must be willing to give up that which you've believed to be truth all these years.

Otherwise, don't pursue it.


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