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It won't happen - but there is a REAL opportunity to put a spanner in the works of ZOG

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08/10/2011 03:42 PM
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It won't happen - but there is a REAL opportunity to put a spanner in the works of ZOG
The elites have chosen about this time to set the civil wars and the racist wars going. - The UK now, and France - and it is set to spread I'm sure.

I reckon British English might be well-advised to pay a visit to the BBC's Broadcasting House and render it "safe" by silencing gov propaganda...

...And to take angle-grinders to all the transmitting towers of as many mainstream media orgs as possible.

(I'm not advocating it - I just think it would be great).

If the brainwashing media is silent the elites will lose at least some control and there's a good chance the British English will send those "teenagers/yoofs" back to where they came from if they are allowed to see the faces of the thugs without Big Brother telling them who they should believe they are.

Just dreaming of course ... It's been planned so everyone rips each other to bits and the military comes in to put the people under lockdown - and surely much closer to abject slavery.

Anyway - I would be pleased to learn of some people with teams of people weilding some me decent cordless angle-grinders who are shutting the propaganda up. - Is there any intelligent planning or strategy by the English? Or is the way now just to get beered-up, shout and swagger screaming obscenities and then get put in intensive care?