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Amino acids in meteorites are remains of life

Wretch Fossil
Wretch Fossil

User ID: 1507169
08/16/2011 08:36 AM
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Amino acids in meteorites are remains of life
Many people think amino acids found in various meteorites are abiotic, produced chemically by their parent bodies (asteroids).

That is not true. Take Murchison meteorite for example. It contains not only excess of left-handed amino acids, but also fossilized cyanobacteria and fat cells as shown below:
Images of fossilized cyanobacteria:
1. [link to www.wretch.cc]
Article: [link to spie.org]

2. [link to www.wretch.cc]
Article: [link to www.suite101.com]

Image of fossilized white fat cells and lipid droplets:
[link to www.wretch.cc]
Article: [link to ireport.cnn.com]

Biotic amino acids:
“More research found that some amino acids were present in enantiomeric excess,...”
Enantiomeric excess can be produced only in biology, as non-life method produces only racemic amino acids, which are even handed (50% left handed, 50% right handed).
Source of quote: [link to en.wikipedia.org]