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Message Subject What to do...
Poster Handle Zlyle14
Post Content
How old are you? How long have you been working? <-- in your field, not at school/training/fellowships etc...I mean after graduation from your chosen field.

Also, were you 'forced' into your field/area of training by parents/teachers/your own idea of what you "should do" as opposed to what you'd LOVE to do?

Just curious...might can offer some insight/support if you're in one of those categories.

Best of luck, hang in there, and never forget..."tomorrow is another day!"

 Quoting: SwampWitch

Early 20s and I haven't worked a single day in the field I went into, and I also didn't finish my degree. I was not forced into my field, which was Music Composition. I've always wanted to be a professional guitar player though, but I recently lost a bit of drive due to live just kind of bogging down and no similar interest in the matter, ie a band.
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