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Facing a Bank Foreclosure on Your Home?

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United States
08/18/2011 08:44 PM
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Facing a Bank Foreclosure on Your Home?
It may not be a problem...

First of all, I'd like to mention that I read an article in the not-too-distant-past where the author claimed that numerous mortgage holders didn't have sufficient documentation to carry out the foreclosure. So the author of the article insisted that his readers behave properly and go through the process without seeking an attorney who would insist the court to demand all appropriate paperwork.

For brevity, let's just say this guy is an asshole, but far more importantly, he is certainly a shill acting only on your behalf... (Yeah right!)

That's not the way it works in American business. You've heard of the "dog-eat-dog" adadge, right? Well the consumer is the dog that always gets eaten by the other dog.

EVERYONE in the United States is entitled to what is rightfully his or hers and there is no moral code in this country that states that people should give up their rights so that poor corporations aren't faced with losing more money than they have to. And anyone who buys into such rhetoric "hasn't much left upstairs."

Here is an article that tells the real story, and if you are nearing a situation like this, the first thing you should do is find an attorney who has experience in this area...

A quote from the article...

92% of Foreclosures in New York Lack Proper Documents -- Banks Booting People Without Proof?

There's a staggering amount of bad paperwork in citywide foreclosures -- not just in New York, but around the country.

August 15, 2011

Ninety-two percent.

That's how many of the foreclosures on bankrupt families in and around New York City had no proof the creditors had the right to foreclose.

[link to www.alternet.org]

In a personal note, my simple take on this is "fuck `em." It was these grossly greedy corporations who put this country in this mess and there is already enough corporate welfare out there.

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