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SILVERHAWK - America "The Cup of Light"

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08/20/2011 02:26 AM
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SILVERHAWK - America "The Cup of Light"

The America that was brought forth as a vision and ideal by St. Germain and projected into the minds and hearts of the founding fathers, still remains only as a vision and ideal, yet to be fully actualized in practice. The "real" America was throttled in the cradle. The minute we borrowed the European Rothschild gold, with which to begin building, our fate was sealed. We gave up our sovereignty and doomed ourselves to chasing the mirage of the actualization of our vision. The devil dealt himself into the game and we let him. Well, he knew we had no gold yet. He'll always go for the weak points in a person, or a nation. We have since been drawn into every war, revolution, civil war, depression and "plan" that he has laid forth for us.

If the first settlers had seen, understood, and chosen to forsake the old European qualification, in favor of the good red road, we would have avoided much misery and frustration indeed. Ah well, spilled milk. However, we must now walk the good red road, covenant and trust, all things will be provided for safety, security and facilitation. God is never short of anything, only man is. Can we learn to live without fear and fences like the "elder American" did, the red man? Can we know and live and awaken in the laws of life? Yes of course, and we must if we want to go on. I say that, not only a remnant man can be salvaged, but this nation can be salvaged from purification. "People" are what makes a nation. Their unity of purpose, ideal, and vision is what makes a nation. Infrastructure follows. Our true national treasures, our "crown jewels", can be saved. They are our land, our children, our constitution, and our will and spirit and vision. It is time to say goodbye to Europe.

It is time to finally break free and actualize this grand vision and purpose called America. It is time for reconciliation between red and white, man and God, man and nature and man and himself. We have all that we need to accomplish this feat right here in America today. We have the knowledge, tools and resources aplenty. Become still and you can see with me that this is so.

I see this land as the "seed" of the new world. We don't need any "new world order". Order already exists. See this universe. What we need is a new world awakening to "see" the order that is already. It is God's order, and it is ours, as man, within which to share.

As so many people before us laid down their lives and risked all for this actualization, can we do less? What shall our legacy be for our children? A free new golden world, full of life and beauty and grace, or a radioactive rock, glowing green in the stillness of space? Well, you know where "I" stand, brother. I have "stalked" this medicine ever since my mother told me not to drink the milk, because it was "contaminated" with Strontium 90. Duck and cover? Nay, rise and radiate the full life of creation. Be the Light. Be its will and intent in action. That is where I stand. Life is much bigger and older and bolder, than all those put together who shovel of the "horseshit". Life was here long before them and will be here long after "they" are gone. Life always wins. God always wins. "All" will win back freedom when they want it bad enough. So the "harvest" is upon us. Are you "wheat", or are you "chaff"? Only "you" can answer.

In the "new" American mind, I see the birth and growth of the concept of pure communism and pure capitalism, in harmony and balance. To "realize" this concept, the people must learn stillness and how to "see". Pure communism' states that all is held in common, the land and resources, and I would add to that, faith and knowledge and God consciousness. Pure capitalism states that, as a man sows, so he reaps and "keeps" what he reaps. His home, his possessions, his privacy, his money and his "soul" are all sacred and sacrosanct. Each must respect these rights of God, from God, for all and in return, he receives respect. "Treat others as you would like to be treated". This is the "KING" of all laws for man. If this law was embodied and realized, then there would be no more need of prisons, fences, property of land and resource, for armies, police, intelligence and on and on. Our stance then becomes that we see that we are all just "campers" in the great "park" of Gaia and share equal rights and opportunity.

Oh, here we go, you say. Another "utopian" comes to give us a golden shower of longing and regret. Not "this" time. I bring more than vision. I bring "medicine". Medicine holds the ways and means. Medicine is "practical" and deals with "what is". I have a wide "range" and invite all to partake and share. There are no "fences" on this range, oh no. It is free for "all" to share.

Can you see that this vision of America was already accomplished to a great degree? It is the good red road. It was held and lived by the original people, from sea to shining sea. When we re-birth it, it will be a techno-kingdom of same consciousness. A "starbase" of grace and beauty and love. It is time for it to come. It is "an idea whose time has come at last". We can go no further on the bad dead road that leads nowhere. I just want to add here that anyone who just flips all this off with the idea that, "well, we'll all just get beamed up anyway or we'll just be raptured", had better reconsider. The Pleiadians are "graduates" and don't take on fools, loafers or shuckers. They are "warriors". Birds of a feather? Yup…. flock together. You don't have to manifest "perfection" to enter the kingdom, just be "willing". The "shield" will follow. Stay tuned. This has been a relay message. Please adjust your set, the fault is not with transmission. This is not a test. There is a real emergency.

So many people are growing into this consciousness now and many "elders" are holding the flame, still to this day and keeping it burning. "We the People", we are the "people". We can bring this forth and anchor it to Earth plane. We are doing it. More come forth every day, for they have nowhere else to go. All the "lies" that are lived and have lived, are dying now. Come back to life. Come back to Truth. Come back to God. Come home now. "ALL" are invited. "ALL" are chosen. Not all will "choose wisely" though, according to history.

St. Germain saw and started this medicine. His intent was and is to birth a nation of light and freedom that would transmit throughout Gaia herself. I join him in this and have and do work directly with him in work and intent. I will share some of his words and vision as well as my own, as we go along. From his grand stronghold in the Grand Tetons, he sent forth his vision and intent. I have been there. He brought me to one of the entrances to his stronghold. I did not enter, however. It is not time for that. I did, however, dance with the eagles and wove the golden thread of the great wheel, of the new portal, through that high ground. I am speaking now of the "foundation of the new America"; "the cup of light for the nations". I speak of the great wheel, which is in fact a spiral. It embodies seven western states. I went out to and "claimed" the high ground power spots of all these states and activated and qualified them as the new portal, or "assemblage point", of Gaia. I wove them together in a spiral. On the day of 1/11/92, Gaia's assemblage point was moved from the Giza center in Egypt, to the western United States, as the place and configuration was provided for her to do so. This was the beginning of the fifth world. This is the foundation.

In the fourth world, light and dark continually "warred" for dominion over the portal or assemblage in the middle east. Now, the new assemblage is qualified in light only. The adversary can no longer come and go or communicate from this world. He is trapped like a rat. Nor can he hold any influence over the new assemblage. He cannot penetrate the "shield". He who was first, is now last and he who was last is now first...in the twinkling of an eye. Now of course the outer effects are slow to materialize, but they are picking up speed. It is like turning the direction of the Queen Mary with a tug boat. It is ponderous, but is being done. When the children of today reach full stature, they will experience quite a different world than we did, ah ho. The "beast" will live only in history and in memory of the elders. Let us never forget the consequences of the fallen nature then. Teach your children well. Let them see you walk with God. Speak to them of what they see. Be a demonstration of fifth world man. Innocents can only reflect you.

Let us return to the "wheel" of the West and consider its form.

This is the wheel of the "purifier". You can see that it is the combination of two sacred symbols of the Hopi. The cross in a circle and the swastika. The Nazi swastika spun in the opposite direction. The swastika symbolizes "life everlasting". So in the opposite direction, "death everlasting"!?! The cross in the circle represents "christing" of alpha/omega, protected by the circle. In combining these two then, this wheel repre-sents..."life everlasting, flowing out from the christing of alpha/omega, to all the earth in four directions, to bring forth sustaining, purifying balance, to all life and to all the earth". The cross you see, however, is broken by another smaller circle. This is where man stands. He enters the circle and completes the cross with himself and honors the four directions as he masters his four lower bodies.

Now as man, his job is to awaken the "monad" and through christing to anchor the "intent" of the spirit to the gonad and thrust out the intent of God to the four directions, to all the earth, to all life. As above, so below. Thus, man cubes the life force in six directions, in himself and out to all life and creation. This is the tool of spirit I used to open, claim and requalify the western assemblage and the high ground of it. This is the great wheel/ spiral. The assemblage is "Gaia's mouth". She "breathes" the spirit in and out from here. Now, only "light" is in her breath. The "stench" of the beast has been eliminated. He is left to writhe in the ever increasing frequency of love, light and power of Gods' life. Ah ho. We-sa-kan has come far indeed.

It is time for America to have her new flag. In St. Germains' old transcription in the 1930s, in his green book collection, he spoke of the future new flag for America. "The gold, white and blue". He said that the blood of man would turn golden in the ascending purification. Thus, the red transmutes to gold to symbolize this change.
I add to this my own proposal. It is this.

Instead of the old star configuration that are lined up like soldiers and tombstones, we configure them to form the wheel of purification. Fifty is a five in numerology. Five for the fifth world. The purified world. They should be gold stars upon a silver base that forms the wheel. This will be placed against the indigo color of Archangel Michael. How's that for a flag of power? That ought to make them sit up and take notice. I think that this is an appropriate evolutionary leap for the renewed America. Let our constitution then be written again in original form, with gold ink, on indigo parchment, so it stands out with more "luster".

So, as we the people reaffirm our spirit, rebirth our vision, reestablish original intent, reshape our country, refresh our minds and souls in the light and rebirth ourselves and our nation anew, let us spin this actualization out to the whole world and to all the lands. Let freedom ring, let love ride, let God in and let Light reign supreme. Make it so--on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Amen. Ah ho.
From PJ #64 – To all my Children – As the World Turns
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Something GOOD is about to happen
Jamesbo  (OP)

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United States
08/20/2011 02:56 AM
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Re: SILVERHAWK - America "The Cup of Light"
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Something GOOD is about to happen