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Message Subject If anyone is evacuating from NC coast ahead of Hurricane Irene, you are welcome to stay on my farm in Western NC!
Poster Handle homeschooler
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Myrtle Beach here, keeping a close eye on the storm. Live on the waterway. We do have family in Tennessee, but if we did not have a safe haven I would so take you up on your offer! Lived right outside Asheville for a few years, long ago. Beautiful area, wonderful people. Evac orders don't usually cover anyone west of the waterway, but some will decide to leave if this thing becomes a monster. We will stay if at all possible, open door policy here as well. Some of our friends are bringing their instruments and other belongings here while they leave. I belong to the Red Cross chapter so i should be available as quickly as possible after the storm, my husband has to return quickly also, because he has standing orders to be here after any emergency--he is not military, he just provides municipal services for the water industry. He already received his paperwork. On the other hand we do have 3 children, so safety first! It's a fine thing to see humanity in action as it was meant to be!
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