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Message Subject If anyone is evacuating from NC coast ahead of Hurricane Irene, you are welcome to stay on my farm in Western NC!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think that we can all agree here that Watcher was trying to do something awesome in helping people, and that Trinity was also trying to do something awesome in saving Watcher from internet nut jobs. Needless to say, neither of you should be pissed at the other one. You should probably both apologize to the other because you both have been talking shit trying really hard to prove you are right. Well, you are both awesome people and you both did something awesome today so can we please just have some good conversation such as:

Trinity: Sorry I made such a big deal out of this. I know you were trying to be nice and I really put you on the defensive, i was just really worried about you.

Watcher: Sorry I got so defensive, Trin, and thank you so much for trying to watch my back. I really appreciate the effort and that you would go to this much trouble just for me.

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