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Message Subject If anyone is evacuating from NC coast ahead of Hurricane Irene, you are welcome to stay on my farm in Western NC!
Poster Handle Kulkulcan
Post Content
wow trinity

you are so funny

sometimes you are so cool and have very meaningful and somewhat spiritual things to say. Your words are uplifting and nice to read (especially when one is down in the dumps)

Other times like now, you seem so cynical and negative that it really is like you are a 'trinity' ie more than one person.

Do you really think that as human beings we are that far gone that one can no longer offer charity or goodwill or compassion....?

I understand that you have been through some gnarly shit, prolly way more thanb anyone here could ever understand, but you do and commit acts that are good and positive as well. Like hosting this site.

Seriously, I see a movie coming soon called GLP - Only a Moran could understand. Much better than Jackass but no Godfater for sure...lol
 Quoting: Kulkulcan

Sure you can still offer those things. Just not a on an internet forum to anything and everything that crawls on the planet to come to your home.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1481114

You are seriously not seeing the forest for the trees. These internet 'crazies' that you speak of are not interested in anything remotely like what we are talking about (or what watcher has offered).. Think about it. First, if you or this 'crazy' person was or is a glper, they will understand enough about watcher that they wouldn't dare set foot in a small mountain town thinking about causing some sort of trouble. These 'crazies' are far smarter than you give them credit for. They are stalkers, with decently high IQs. They are looking for easy prey, probably younger with much innocence.

Think about the scenario. Watcher has a pretty good presence here on glp. Most of us regulars know of her, and her take on the world. She isn't shy about where she lives and her lifestyle.

Its actually not that hard to glean information on people here at thi site. Kinda like facebook, if you read there posts and use discernment, you will probably be able to get enough info to find them if you wish.

Enough said, Willfull intention made from love and compassion will be protected. If you are so fuc???jing stupid that you want to go and try to be a stalker, well good on ya mate. Most of us have much better things to do with our time.
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