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Message Subject If anyone is evacuating from NC coast ahead of Hurricane Irene, you are welcome to stay on my farm in Western NC!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My husband is an avid hunter! Maybe you should do a poll about how having guns in a home could endanger children. Bet you wouldn't get such a positive response then. :P

For the record, Trinity, if you ever needed my help, I will be there for you. That's what you do in a "herd".

I know you meant well and I appreciate your concern for me. I admit I did not post all the facts as I should have but no one has even said they are coming this far in land so I figured I would address all of that if the need arose. Regardless, I understand where you are coming from I just wish you had PM'd me before you set out to paint me as an irresponsible parent. That's all. Maybe next time.
 Quoting: ^Watcher^

well glad you've cooled off and put back on your jesus shoes


and you were not referring to those guns in the hunting sense

you were referring to them in the self defense aspect

which I'm 100% for

but just saying

don't be a hypocrite

faith will only get you so far

even jesus taught this

the world is a dangerous place filled with manipulative abusive shit bags who would sell out their own mother to get a piece of what you have

think about it
 Quoting: ^TrInItY^

So true. There's that part in the Bible where Jesus' chastises Peter for sinking because he had too much faith.

Then there's that part where he says that faith can't move mountains.

After that he ends up being crucified for something he didn't really believe in.

If you have any trouble finding these verses, me and trinity are consulting the New Jerusalem Russ translation.
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