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Message Subject If anyone is evacuating from NC coast ahead of Hurricane Irene, you are welcome to stay on my farm in Western NC!
Poster Handle ^Watcher^
Post Content
I was very pleased to meet watcher, and am glad I did.

It's good to know who your neighbors are and have friends you can trust with ur life to do the right thing web when it's hard.

She's a good soul, good head on her shoulders, and living the best that she knows how. No matter what happens she is following the sails of her heart steered by the rudder of reason.

The thing is fear will stop anygood thing from happening.

Courage is knowing the risks and doing the right thing regardless.

 Quoting: Burnsville 1517215

I enjoyed meeting you today as well! I commented earlier that if you are any indication of the types of people that come to GLP, then you and others like you are ALWAYS welcome in your time of need!

By my observation, fear is one of the many things that has gotten our nation/world in the mess it is in and I am not about to turn my little corner of it over to that darkness just yet. Others can call that naivety if they want but to me, it is just doing the right thing. If we don't help each others, who will? We need to take this nation back one kind act at a time if we have to or just cower in our homes from all the "what ifs" and live in fear! I refuse to live that way.
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