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Message Subject : : : : : This is it - Now Islamist Terrorists have Nuclear Material : : : : :
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
'Material to make nuclear dirty bomb '
 Quoting: Gabriel Angelos

No offence but this isnt a shock to the cia/mi5/fsb, trust me they already know about it.

Terrorists can buy scrap radioactive metal from medical imaging and radiotheraphy machines in india and pakistan.

Dirty bomb material is all over the fucking place.

There was an article in new scientist where journalists smuggled uranium into the us in shipping containers by dampening the radioactivity.

The scary thing is the type of uranium used was more detectable that weapons grade, and considering so much weapons grade /reactor grade stuff is unaccountable in russia if the material is available it may already be on the mainland us.

A lot of people here give the cia/fbi/dhs/mi5/fsb a bad rep but i sure fucking hope they are doing their fucking job.

If you want to me freaked out even more, its not technically that difficult to build a breeder reactor, ( a reactor that makes other isotopes ) anybody with a basic nuclear chemistry / nuclear physics education knows how to do it theoretically.
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