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Message Subject : : : : : This is it - Now Islamist Terrorists have Nuclear Material : : : : :
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No one will care until the terroists use it and people get hurt. Then they will yell and scream about how nothing was done to stop this from happening.
 Quoting: indiandave

you can blame NATO.

they dropped arms, supplies and medicine
to the rebels, errrr I mean terrorists.
they provided air cover for their advance
to Tripoli. They also bombed Gadaffi's
hard targets to make the march to Tripoli
easy for the rebels. NATO did not need
boots on the ground, they made a deal
with Al Queda and paid them to do it
for them.

These were the same terrorists that helped
kill over 1,500 soldiers and marines in
Iraq before they returned to Libya.
I wonder how the parents of those 1,500
dead US Military personnel feel about their
killers getting support from their
own government ???

NATO and Al Queda are on the same team.
So if Al Queda is linked to a nuke
explosion, then NATO will be an

Welcome to the NWO.
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