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Hurricane Irene Prophecy by (re) Incarnated Messenger (Angel) for Aug. 26 to Sunday 28, 2011

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United States
08/24/2011 09:35 PM
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Hurricane Irene Prophecy by (re) Incarnated Messenger (Angel) for Aug. 26 to Sunday 28, 2011
Publicly issued prophecy by Incarnated Angel, Messenger, Reincarnated Bible Prophet declaration (Future Prediction "Sign & Wonder" or "Miracle.")

For the perfect fulfillment of Divine Will on earth, demonstrating the Power of God for purpose of “proving” existence of God to world … By Power of the Mighty ‘I AM’and "through" angel of God.

Aug 24, 2011 (6 PM PST) Published & Released Publicly by Daniel Eli.

Remember, hurricanes are the very Power & Might of the Energy of God, the “destructive” side to God, of the megatons worth of force of a million nuclear bombs continually “going off.”

Keep these times and dates in mind concerning Washington D.C. and hurricane Irene: Friday Aug. 26, 2011 12 PM NOON (EST) beginning of expression of Divinely Created “Deed of Power” of Divine Decree By reincarnated (Biblical) “messenger” Daniel 'I AM' Ancient of Days Presence – violent, Divine TEMPEST of Anger and Wrath of God w/tornadoes, lightening strikes, destructive hurricane force winds & HAIL all over city & above Washington D.C. White House, Capitol & Reflecting pool. (Not Pentagon - they will be divinely protected – I am not a terrorist. On the side of God)

Note that this is NOT a mere “prediction.” This is a “creative” and “destructive” act of God to commence by the power of Mighty ‘I AM’ - now.

NONE of the weather reports are stating anything of this kind presently, while this was written. (Category 2 (now 3) hurricane Irene, still in Caribbean.)

Commencing 12 PM Friday, with hurricane Irene with Divine Intent STRENGTHENED to Category 4+, directed by Power of ‘I AM’ Angels of Power of the atmosphere sustained with intensifying & radically severe energy and electrical and communications disruptions empowered especially; (tornadoes possible but may avoid this. If necessary, will not attempt to harm the innocent.) says 'I AM ANCIENT OF DAYS PRESENCE' around 3 PM (EST) Friday in particular, until around 6 PM. (Jesus was on the cross around this time, Friday 3 PM, two Millennia ago.)

(Note: hurricane Irene will only begin to touch East Coast (NC) land Friday – at roughly this time - and into Saturday afternoon. This was NO coincidence!)

Continual torrential winds, rain, lighting & thunder & severe disruptions & electrical outages continuing into Friday night then all day Saturday, (but calming down slightly for a while).

The following is when the hurricane Irene is scheduled to be directly overhead of Virginia D.C. region. (Approx. 6 AM to noon or 12 PM EST.)

This is not a simple weather “prediction” but an actual, deliberately Divinely-guided, conscious DIRECTIVE as to the path and course of the hurricane as it approaches northward towards US mainland, NC and Virginia & D.C.

Then, as though by "divine magic" to demonstrate the Glory & the Power of the Peace of God, by SUNRISE, after 6-7 AM, especially at 8 AM, 9 AM, 10 AM, 11 AM 12 PM (EST) Sunday morning, for the GOOD Church goers & God believers, masses of people at D.C. attending the MLK Memorial and those I have placed under protection, a "HOLE" (or eye if you will) punched through clouds by powerful elemental and ANGELS OF THE ATMOSPHERE IN NAME AND POWER OF 'I AM' Presence of the Violet Flame Love of the Sun to form around Washington D.C., encircling whole city with tube of white and blue flames (invisible to human eye) to be SUSTAINED as per God’s Mighty Will, bringing serene CALM, (even sun!), tranquility, silencing and stilling (Peace! Be Still!) of all weather disturbances, calm and eerily stilled silence in atmosphere and in wind, all done in Power of Love Divine in name of Mighty ‘I AM’ Presence.

I want all those in attendance to look up into the sky. You may very well “see’ an angel or even “many.”

This will be for the Christian Sabbath (Sunday - REST!), and for the name of the Savior, Jesus. This is to facilitate the ability of faithful Church goers to attend morning services in Washington D.C. as well as commemorate the Martin Luther King Memorial scheduled for this Sunday Afternoon.

President Barak Obama is scheduled to speak Sunday morning at the formal dedication for the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial in Washington, D.C. News reports and weather experts stated the following Aug. 24th, 2001:

“If Hurricane Irene's path holds true to its most current projections it could hit the D.C. area Sunday morning, and Massachusetts later in the day.”

Note that while this was written, the Hurricane Weather Center was NOT expecting hurricane Irene to center directly over Washington D.C. but rather stay far EAST off the coast.

If I told you God created this hurricane at this “right” time (Summer 2011) at the “right” place to involve the “right” (& wrong) people, cities and media at this critical juncture, involve me (Daniel) all of you, the entire planet, and how the world will receive me and God as we enter 2012, as though it were all “coincidently” set up, would you “believe me” then the working of God on earth?

Remember about hurricane Katrina and the wrath of God?

Keep in mind that many days previous to this letter and proclamation I had been “deliberately” warming up my Twitter followers (User nic: World_Peace777) with statements about hurricanes and Divine Power.

It was no “coincidence” all of this was “set up" in this way, at this point in time, to teach an important lesson about God, the POWER of God, the reality of angels of God, the reality of TRUE prophecy (which is actually MORE than mere “predictions” that come true. It is about CREATING the future then fulfilling it. NO ONE else on the planet would be capable of doing such as thing as powerful as actually not merely “creating” a massive, intensely energetic FORCE of a hurricane many, many square miles in diameter, but actually altering the very path, magnitude and direction to FULFILL the conscious direction originally ‘predicted!’)

Here it is again, but with a twist. This is designed, this time, to “wake up” the world.

God can “do” wrath while simultaneously do “good” in the midst of chaotic “constructive” destruction!

It is beautiful!

Imagine, the “calm before the storm” and the calm DURING the storm and then the reconstruction of inevitable destruction where the “good” shines through with people as they assist and help the suffering and the hurt and all the people work for a greater “good.”

Like a Phoenix rising from ashes, we shall all rise again…

Many of you are not seeing the BIG picture of God. You need to look beyond appearances and narrow viewpoints, folks. See the Silver Lining in all things, and UNDERSTAND the radiant beauty of the infinite workings of God, the great master Plan and the Glory that is His.

See, instead of “wanting” to do wonton, mass destruction for any and all for ‘no reason’ there happens to actually a greater, “good” purpose that we all, as humans on this planet are involved in to fulfill.

Instead of questioning and saying, “If there is a “good” God, why does he “destroy?” Why are we not in continual “peace” and bliss? Well, just wait, as many will see this “bliss” soon come, there exists not much time remaining for earth in its current form.

It also time for some of you to stop placing “blame” on terrorists or “the devil” for things that seem or feel “unpleasant.”

There are of course sometimes innocent casualties involved in the process. Please do not get “angry’ with God for such matters. You actually “chose” to be here at this time, not forced against your will.

This hurricane Irene is one of these Icons and representations of Divine Will, from Above, from Without, and From within.

This will be done to demonstrate the Divine Glory and Power of God on earth, and the validity of this messenger.

Above to last until 12 PM (EST) Sunday Aug. 28 at which weather permitted to “naturally” take its course.

Any and all within or around this Divine Disturbance above Washington D.C. who DOES ‘believe’ and is “good” or pure of heart, and anyone receiving this message deliberately placed under “my” protection will not be seriously harmed by the Violet Flame angels, the Angels of Wrath, the Angels of Punishment, the Angels of Justice …

Anyone who calls upon the name of the LORD shall be protected by the guardians.

Daniel … Reincarnated Biblical Messenger (Dan. 12:13), Angel, 'I AM' Ancient of Days, Prophet of ‘I AM’ and Jesus.

“It is done.”

“It is Sealed.”

”So Be It.”


[link to finalbookofdaniel.com]

If you desire, invoke the Mighty Power of the 'I AM' Presence and power of DIVINE LOVE of the "Violet FLame Angels" of the Violet Planet under the "command" of Omri-Tas, as WELL as for Jesus and in name of Jesus ... in order to magnify and fulfill along with others the "perfect fulfillment" of this promise made with faith ...

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12/20/2012 04:26 PM
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Re: Hurricane Irene Prophecy by (re) Incarnated Messenger (Angel) for Aug. 26 to Sunday 28, 2011
Gospel of St. John: