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Message Subject Hurricane Irene Looks 'Terrifying' From Space, NASA Astronaut Says
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I really feel like this hurricane could do a lot of damage. Certainly not because of its size, but because of the size of the hpye coming from NASA, weather.com, and others. They're trying to create a fear above what one should feel in this situation.

A healthy fear is good when dealing with hurricanes. I've lived on the Gulf Coast around Houston all my life, and I've been in many, many hurricanes of different catagories. We've started over more than once because of them, but I've never seen a storm create this much hoopla in TPTB. They act like it's a catagory 5 or something.

The reason I feel like it could do a lot of damage is because as much as they're pushing the fear button, I feel like they've got some cool destruction planned. Just like Katrina. It wouldn't have done anything at all if they had not blown the levies.

I wonder what they're going to do to create a panic in NYC. Just sayin'.
 Quoting: docsls

you gotta scare the living pants off people, otherwise you warn them and they just sit around with an attitude of "wont happen to me"
 Quoting: alpha>me<omega

I agree, especially those areas that are unfamiliar and unprepared. But, I'm talking about something ominous. Something sinister. It's just a feeling, but I wouldn't be surprised if this hurricane isn't a really big false flag.
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