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Message Subject I am a member of an Elite Family who you despise...ask me a question
Poster Handle Logos666
Post Content
Happy New Yar everyone !
 Quoting: Logos666 853969

Yes, Happy New Year !!!

There is no one lineage which exclusively has it all, don't waste your time looking for it or so called ritualistic insiders. Do not be persuaded by impostors that certain particular rituals are a necessity for your salvation, rituals that are in their hands.

This is the core of the obscurantist BS that so called Ins.. (Outsider) was trying to spread. Their interest is in power over you, political or not.

[link to www.conspiracyarchive.com]

Nevertheless, as I said here:

the magnum opus by Manly P. Hall is a good place to start, as are particularly the works by Sri Aurobindo:

[link to www.amazon.com]
[link to www.amazon.com]

If you ever get to India, these books above are to be had for an apple and an egg !


Instead of falling for the conditioning that you need one particular secret tradition, walk your path in justice and humility in front of the grand mystery, no matter what its outward tradition or whatever tradition it is in. It may or may not involve ritual depending on your own particular disposition and karmic background and then lead to a particular tradition.

There is no one real country behind all countries, it is that all countries are merely the earth. Similarly, the one true "tradition" is not a particular tradition, but these are true to the degree that they participate in universal truth, but this universal truth is not a particular tradition in itself ! Insofar as you do consider it a tradition, it would then be the only tradition there is.

FY enjoyment, here are some insiders in their own particular traditions. I hereby confess that one of my teachers is among them, even though he is far from being my main teacher and his particular tradition isn't my own particular tradition:

Part 2 includes includes film material by Jan Kounen, also a student of the Inside:

I recommend you watch this enjoyable movie in full length.

No one who has ever seen the inside would ever again believe in elitist ritualistic obscurantism. True, some truths (almost all of truth) cannot be understood by the unprepared. Neither is it in possession of a ritualistic "elite".
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