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Message Subject I am a member of an Elite Family who you despise...ask me a question
Poster Handle Logos666
Post Content
So why is it that ...gives them advice out of the blue.
 Quoting: Mikagon

In this case precisely for the same reason you are now overreacting. You will see that it was helpful in retrospect. Maybe you don't appreciate now but the memory will come back. It is similar to all the religious symbols. They don't make any sense until after the fact.

BTW, I am quite happy that you are so overly protective over this as you were previously over-delighted about me. Now you've got to learn to retain your dignity over against people you perceive as female as well which is much harder for men:

 Quoting: Logos666 878771

It's easy to follow the primitive parts of the brain, right ? Harder to go against it:

[link to en.wikipedia.org]
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Last thing first:

it is not up to you to judge it without knowing someone completely and understanding what is important for them
 Quoting: Mikagon

I not have to understand it since I judged merely the appearance:

it is a load of shit from my POV (real or not)
 Quoting: Logos666 879394

It may well be that it is only a game which is fully under your control (I doubt it though) - I do not care. My point is merely to show you an example in your own life the morphology of which is related to an important message I want to relate in case it ever came to be serious, so I wanted to make sure it doesn't escape you.

As you can see I was successful and fully got your attention. You may not like me for it because knowing does spoil the fun of the hypnosis of self-humiliation, but it will stick with you.

And I deem it important that it does because this area is underestimated by most men until it is too late. Don't ever believe men and women are equal - until you begin to transcend your primitive impulses, woman (not a woman) is yielding the longer end of the stick, even if using different women to effect it. And you don't know aht it means to be destroyed yet, it isn't just something minor like a major heartbreak or so.

This secret isn't so secret for no reason.

I think you misunderstand me. This lady is of no concern to me, nor your relationship with her. I used that example only by way of explanation. Usually, when the nemesis comes, it isn't in the form of a megalomanic woman who thinks of herself as such.

I can do it by myself
 Quoting: Mikagon


No, but you will have to do it by yourself one day. And then you will not be able to - which is precisely the point. As long as you "can do it", that's not quite it yet.

Also I am not "preparing" you for it. If you were prepared, again, it wouldn't be it.

All I am doing is inserting a little memorandum for the days you will visit the tartaros. Then, even if it be in your next life, it will not exactly help you, but you will remember that someone had already given you a sign from the future which will make you know that you can and must pull through.

Of course, all this is given you follow the dangerous path you seem to be choosing ATM. There are also safer, pure paths, but hard to find the protective surrounds these days...

you were the first one to mention it here
 Quoting: Mikagon

That's quite different from this:

announcing my personal life's history and make it public
 Quoting: Mikagon

and I think you know the difference and are dishonest about it.

Mentioning something here without announcing what it is is hardly something in need of apology.
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