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Message Subject I am a member of an Elite Family who you despise...ask me a question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Earth a prison?
Yes and even worse.
The ones who believe the contrary will never escape.

Are we in HELL?????????????????????????????

This earth is our home. It is a beautiful place. It is only a prison because that is what people believe it to be. And we have greedy power hungry humans doing there best to destroy it. Not to mention the evil fallen ones who are currently in power.

If you look through the thread, you will find that - perhaps for reasons other than yours - this is precisely one of the indicators for "Insider"'s ignorance: he obviously assumes that there is independent reality to the objects of dualistic consciousness and their perceived qualities.

It is true that common, collective conditioning is profound, powerful and hard to transcend to put it mildly as long as one partakes of that collective conditioning and hasn't differentiated out sufficiently, and this amounts to most difficulties on the spiritual path.

But obviously, if the speaker cannot distinguish between the earth supposedly being hellish versus the hell consisting in that conditioning and blames the latter on our sacred mother earth, he must be an outsider.

Every last subatomic partcicle of the earth shall ultimately be seen as part of G_d. It is our conditioning which makes it into the hell we are caught in.
 Quoting: Logos666 879394

So true! Insider has been deceived and is in turn deceiving. Sad.

And shame on people calling our Earth a hellhole. It is only what people have made of it. Leave it alone and it will return to a beautiful planet. God gave us this lovely home and certain humans have tried to destroy it. I believe God is going to kick these people out and give this planet to people who will take care of it. I know I would. Just a matter of time. Give some people a rope and they will hang themselves. They will only have themselves to blame.
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