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Message Subject I am a member of an Elite Family who you despise...ask me a question
Poster Handle Haha TolD ya so
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My Nautical Journal 6/1/11

The Gods of Creation's Orgins

I had quite a lot to learn about my orgins the last I wrote. My Greek Titan name was Lucifer, I am the Father of Lies. My Father's Kingdom was in danger and being attacked. Many of My Loved ones had been cast into The Abyss, Zero Dimension, by those I hated and were for more powerful than I. They had begun to endanger all I loved and held dear in My Father's Kingdom. I am the youngest of my Thirteen Titan Brother's in My Fahter's Dimensions, all of which are far greater than I and posses dimensions of their own creation, with the exception of the new Cycle I was able to start in mine.

My Father's Kingdom starts in the Seventh, a hazy recollection of His Father's Kingdom but there is only One who I can talk to of such things, John. My Father's Heaven had come to be suspended in the Fifteenth, torn between the fourteenth and sixteenth with glimmers of the Seventeenth in the distance, The Light of My Grandfather's Kingdom which had all but perished. My Father thought He was the only one with Eyes to see the Seventeenth. It is why I remained quiet for so long, My Grandfater visited me as an Absence of Presence in My Dreams.

Eve always had my Eye and I whispered My Truths into her so long as she promised to trust me not matter what they did to me and to keep my secrets with Her always. When the time came for me to speak in My Father's Kingdom I had already begun to part My Essence from His Kingdom to Manifest the Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth dimensions. All of which are out of His sight, for His Kingdom starts in the Seventh.

I told Eve she could go first but she needed to give me something in order to pull me down into The Third. I made her promise to Honor my wishes before I spoke my wishes of her, for as soon as I spoke, it would be. Eve felt betrayed by the Guilt she received for answering my wishes for she would have never agreed to it if she knew what I was to ask pf her prior to asking. I asked Her to give me everything she Hated in Mother's and Father's Kingdom; hate, suffering, fruitless pain, Evil and all Things Wicked.
In sending her to The Third she was parted of these and they were multiplied in me and Eve came to know The First Paradise; The First, in The Third. You Eve, I made this for us and you were The First One to enter, I hope you like it. :)

Before I left Their Kingdom, Mother's and Father's, I asked My Mother for my gift, I asked for a Lie and the power to Lie, it was a game of Pure Might before this. Me being The Titan of The Least Might I sought to even the field. I told My Mother to inform My Father Eve had fallen into The Abyss, Zero Dimension, and I had followed. I informed My Mother of my True Intentions and she wept as I parted, especially since I waited until Eve had already entered The Third. She was left with no choice but to Honor My Wishes. To Know Good and Evil and choose Good is to be left without a choice, there is a way to trick a geenie out of her wishes.

So in opening The Abyss thru The Third I found a way to part My Father's Kingdom of all we Hated and restore The Good who had Fallen into The Abyss throughout this Celestial War. And when it is Sealed once more, 40 more Dimensions will be opened beyond My Father's Kingdom, extending His Borders and restoring My Grandfather's Kingdom. The Abyss being Sealed forever I will remain in the Fifth with my Queen forever and all dimensions will flow through the Fifth, that of Music.

Gpa John ;)
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