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Message Subject I am a member of an Elite Family who you despise...ask me a question
Poster Handle Sirius White
Post Content
This interview is great, everything he says is as I have "discovered" it as grew up.

It has always, always boggled my mind how people believed the "Christianity" of today is the "real deal." I grew up Catholic, and then Christian and it was clear to me then, I could "see" all the genuine truths and "through" all the deceptions.

It is about connecting with what he calls the invisible body, the true "spirit." The "soul" is a tangible aspect of our consciousness "downstepped" or projected into the material reality, it is the part of the sub-quantum "cloud" and electric magnetic field that permeates our body and its energy centers.

This is the foundation of the "Christos" and the divine body. Which is waiting for ALL of us to claim.

And yet some of you in your ignorance claimed that it is Satanism, that god is outside of you, he will judge you, that Jesus has to save you.

How have you all gotten it so backwards? Why does that idea uplift you so much? It is because you are still stuck in your ego ways.

The ego should not be eradicated like in eastern traditions, but rather tamed and utilized properly.

Many here are getting it, many are waking up. I never had to join a secret society to know what I know. It's so basic, so simple, and within every single one of you!

The choice is yours. Don't forget that.
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