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Message Subject I am a member of an Elite Family who you despise...ask me a question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Insider...). I read everything. And I wanna tell you some interesting things. I do not care what you think or respond to my words. I just say what I think, that I know and what will happen. You can deny and say anything. it is your right ...). Your family has long moved away from the true path. And that provoked a disaster. I know who you are. I know approximately where you are. I know about the "dome" - I hope we understand each other. I know and the fact that you are getting smaller. Why? Because you tried to stop some one. And the few who are not satisfied. The members of your family begin to die. And they will die. You have been given a year lull. But soon you will be engaged again. You are talking about laws, but they themselves are violating their own interests. I'm not saying that you just that. I'm talking about your family. All who are involved in a massive act of one who does not give anyone freedom something ... You know what will happen to them and why. Hunting again to continue...).
I will not tell people what I know about you ... It's not in my best interest. I just remind you one thing. When is one of your family has left one character. This character is quite strong and powerful. This character is left fighting off his "family." And the character is gone. This was your first defeat. And those who are not pleased with you much more than this character ...). Your time is running out. When he falls your creation will come for you all, and retribution is inevitable. Have you ever thought why when you try to cause it is not, and sometimes kills a calling? All your efforts and actions are unsuccessful. If you're lucky, you only delay the moment. And one more thing. you will not just death, but the absolute death. Your carcass does not matter. Death will not bring carcasses to someone joy. But the complete and irrevocable death please. You need to know what I mean. Tell it everybody. If you're the one who introduce yourself then you understand everything. You have to understand who, what and why. As you know he's here, and everything else is a matter of time. If you decide to talk to write me an email: [email protected]
E-mail this lime. do not try to track down on it. If you write me, I'll tell you. However, only no nonsense from you. I am on this forum no longer appeared. All the mail. You may not like other members of your family ...).

With respect Trent or just L...).
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