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Message Subject I am a member of an Elite Family who you despise...ask me a question
Poster Handle mick10
Post Content
I realize this thread is long dead. But here's two questions:

1) what is the "Mind of the Universe"?

2) what is "the divine law"?

The original OP was very vague and cryptic, like the others who claim to be 'elite bloodline insiders'. But neither of these questions were ever answered, why not? If you know so much, answer these simple questions with simple direct answers. Vague answers couched in mumbo jumbo just display your lack of authority and truth. The truth is always simple,only liars hide behind a bunch of b.s.

Also, just as an aside, while the OP claimed Jesus of Nazareth was just a human, why is it that in all recorded history He is the only One who was ever recorded as having done multiple miracles, including the ultimate - the Resurrection. 500 people went to their deaths, horrible torture and death, rather than deny that fact. Also, there are other hard to deny bits of evidence, such as the incorruptible bodies of saints and examples of miraculous hosts. But on their side of the ledger, there is absolutely no proof of what these "insiders" are saying, why not?

Those who have some sort of proof, produce it
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