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Message Subject I am a member of an Elite Family who you despise...ask me a question
Poster Handle IDW
Post Content
This is a hypothetical question, of course!
If I have my boot on your throat, and my weapon aimed precisely between your narrowly spaced ,inbred stupid eyes, will you feel as proud as you do now? Will you beg for mercy or will you maintain your ill placed dignity and spit on me, like Custer had the courage to do?

Do you think youre empowered by the creator, or what youve destroyed?

The times, they are a changing.
The essence of existance is change.
Youve resisted it for yourselves, but nothing in nature remains constant. The balance is about to swing the other way.
Can you feel the winds of justice blowing?
How does it portend for your futures?
WTF happened to the new world order?
Seems like it fell flat on its ass!

Empower the people!

PS, I am your superior in every respect, morally, spiritually, intelligently, and phsyically. You are empowered by ignorance and deception. I am empowered by knowledge and truth.
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