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I propose a new system of karma and pinning threads

Lucian Ilea
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08/26/2011 10:03 AM
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I propose a new system of karma and pinning threads
What we have now is a system where mods decide which threads are important and which are not
In addition if people like you ,multiply that with 10 and you may pin one thread
the dictatorship of mods still remains but users have a word to say
The problem with this system is that there is inequity between mods and regular users
and that most people are voting the person not his opinions

Therefore I propose to exchange the karma system for people with karma for threads
Specifically:the green and red buttons remain active only for the thread
So each thread will have positive and negative karma
The threads with the best rating /positive karma will be at the top of the list
The pins are eliminated
Mods become equal with normal people
what do you say?
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