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The question is, what is left after the disintegration of Elenin?

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09/02/2011 11:29 AM
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The question is, what is left after the disintegration of Elenin?
They say, whisper that is disintegrating Elenin at perihelion, or so they tell us. The question is, what is left after the disintegration of Elenin? If as they say is so irrelevant, how can something as inconsequential has caused such a stir?

Certainly, no comet Halley with the exception of the fuss raised in public. Beforehand, we already indicated that the key was not in Elenin, but in the event that goes after him. Entourage, the “cluster” in which the team decided to put all their attention instead of the lure (the suspected comet.) Tracking the coordinates helped us to find the real event is intended to cover after Elenin, and obviously still there, despite the lure is not.

For starters, come a number of comets with orbits similar to Elenin, but this circumstance does not of greater significance.

It is sad that Leonid Elenin, will be remembered as someone who discovered a stone that is unimportant at perihelion disintegrated without pain or glory. However, the majority of independent scientists are left with the benefit of the doubt. Many even doubt even their physical existence. At this writing, we are receiving serious threats not to publish this article that we know in advance who will not like those who claim to cover the evidence with photoshop.

And the answer is simple: What is the Elenin event was blocking?. Cluster: A set of objects that show that our solar system is binary. Certainly we take two long years studied, scrutinized and finally have them nearby. Close enough to know that although we can not see, we can detect pulses through “G”.

The reader may ask, What do you see the pulses “G” with the path of the comet Elenin?. Very simple. There is no such path, in fact, the trajectory “alleged” and the absence of contrasts NASA Official photos with the figure of more than 2,000 alleged observations of the comet by the same institution, whose last picture was taken on August 19 in Australia also an amateur astronomer. However, photos of the “comet” that seems to disintegrate into its perihelion passage, do not match photos of the “cluster” at the time the comet was reportedly discovered Elenin.

This time has been very Richard C. Hoagland which brings light to the data. According R.C. Hoaghland (See original)

Stereo-B is a satellite-telescope-unmanned spacecraft for NASA and that started several years ago to study solar phenomenon, its location is about 90 degrees behind the Earth … but in the same orbit, with his companion, STEREO-A the other node is about 90 degrees ahead of the Earth.

Elenin was in the orbit of Venus, and visually close to the sun as seen from the viewpoint of Stereo-B, when these pictures were taken strongly interacting with the “solar wind” – the current very low density of charged particles high (mostly protons and electrons – “the solar plasma”) at over 500 km / second.

The first NASA images reveal what really happened when a sudden with Elenin CME interacted with.
It seems that about the current “core” Elenin a geometric figure suddenly appeared impressive … created by a “force field”.

This field, interacting with the stream of charged protons and electrons in the CME, made Elenin suddenly, dramatically visible as an unmistakable, 3-D a tetrahedron. Hoagland link to fill in

Really Elenin has disintegrated, or is it just a smokescreen?

It is simply an interpretation of RCHoaghland, but do not forget that the key is on the route, the logic of patterns that involve the emission of pulses G from Leo.

Try here with a simple language to explain complex. Very complex, but very logical. Extremely logical. The following issues are to think, to ponder ….

1 .- Lately Amateur astronomers are discovering those events. It is very strange that an event called the comet discoverer, with some exceptions. Most comets have an alphanumeric encryption code in accordance with the rules of nomenclature previews. In this case it is quite strange comet give the full name of its discoverer.

2 .- Do not understand the fuss if the comet was inconsequential, as appears from the statements of David Morrison of NASA that systematically denies everything. If everything is false, we explain it Omerbashich’s paper on seismic activity and Elenin positions, or perhaps why Leo is being received pulse signals “G” and its origin, in the absence of another explanation, related to the recent report that Shenghua Yu & others “Modelling the radio pulses of an ultracool dwarfhttp: / / arxiv.org/abs/1009.1548″ have been developed that basically detail the abstract here:

Recently magnetic activity in ultracool unanticipated dwarfs (UCDs, spectral classes later Than M7) Have a number of emerging from radio observations. The Highly (up to 100%) circularly polarized nature and high brightness temperature of the emission Has Been interpreted as an Effective Mechanism amplification of the high-frequency electromagnetic waves, the electron cyclotron maser Instability (ECMI). In order to Understand the magnetic topology and the properties of the radio emitting region and associated ultracool dwarfs In These plasmas and interpret the origin of radio radiation pulses and Their Mechanism, we built an active region model, based on the rotation of the UCD and the ECMI mechanism. ECMI Mechanism is responsible for the radio bursts from the tubes and the magnetic rotation of the dwarf dog modulate the integral of flux with Respect to time. The high degree of variability in the brightness and the diverse profile of pulses interpreted in terms Can be large-scale of a hot active region with extended magnetic structure in the magnetosphere of Existing TVLM 513-46546. We Suggest the time profile of the radio light curve is in the form of power law in the model. The radio emitting region Consists of complicated substructure. With this model, we can determine the nature (eg size, temperature, density) of the radio emitting region and plasma. The magnetic topology Can Also be constrained. We compare our X-ray flux Predicted with Chandra X-ray observation of TVLM 513-46546. Although the X-ray detection is only marginally significant, our Predicted flux is Significantly Lower Than the Observer flux. We Suggest more atmulti-wavelength observations help us Will Understand the structure and magnetic field on the plasma ultracool dwarf Behavior.

In a simplified way for scientists and nonscientists, “G pulses are pulses of gravity, emitted by a star stream object and / or objects ultracold ultracold as some stars.”

3 .- Is not it interesting that recently, coinciding with the pulses G, NASA has released an ultracold finding a star just 40 light-years on 30 August?.

4 .- And now the onset of the Trojans in Jupiter in the same website Leonid Elenin? Does it go away QJ9 Elenin 2011 and appears on the same route?.

And we wonder ….¿ not be that all this display of media is a foolish maneuver to distract attention from the press “g” (ELF close to an event (Near) from the Lion = Leo)?. No. Just say nonsense. Do not listen.

And if so absurd what we said, why so many threats and media pressure? Not all scientific research mission? Well, that we do. Why do so many objections to independent research? .

Draw your own conclusions.

[link to starviewer.wordpress.com]